How do I subscribe?

Click HERE to subscribe! Choose the organization you want would like to support and follow the prompts.

When can I subscribe?

Anytime online! Your annual subscription will be renewed based on your date of sign up.

What days do I get a flag?

You will have a flag on these 7 patriotic days:



  • FLAG DAY - JUNE 14





Can I get more than one flag?

Sure we would be glad to offer the 2nd subscription at a discount. If you have a corner lot, flags look great on both streets!

If you want more than 2, please contact us and we can make arrangements.

Do you install something in my yard?

Yes, we install a small pvc sleeve in your yard, down to ground level. It is out of the way of any lawn service and makes for a simple install of the flags.

Also, we glue a small marker on the curb to help the youth find the flag sleeve.

Tradition says you should light the flag at night. Do we get a light?

No, you are welcome to install a small spotlight in your yard. Inexpensive solar lights work well to light up your flag.

May I bring my flag inside at night or during inclement weather?

Yes, of course. Just make sure it is back out in time to dry before we pick up.

When should I expect my first flag display?

We work very hard to get your flag up for the next holiday, but sometimes if it is too soon, we cannot make arrangements. So you should see it in the next 1 or 2 holidays.

When will my subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew on your annual anniversary of when you signed up your first year. You will get notification via email a couple of days prior to your renewal.

What happens if we move in the middle of the year?

Congratulations on your new house! If you are moving into a subdivision one of our youth organizations covers we will gladly transfer you to their service. If you move out of the area, we are sorry to see you go, but please cancel your subscription online and we will be notified.

What if I want to cancel?

We will be sad to see you go, but you can cancel at any time online. The information will be in your initial email after you register. Since this is a major fundraiser for our youth programs, we cannot refund you any of your subscription.

I live in an apartment, is there any way for me to get a flag?

Unfortunately we are not able to deliver flags to apartments at this time.

What if my flag or lawn sleeve has been stolen or damaged?

Please go HERE to report this. We will be glad to replace and/or repair it.

Will my HOA allow this flag in my yard?

Thanks to the Texas State Legislature (HB 2779, signed into law June 17, 2011), the placement of U.S. flags in front yards is now a homeowner right that cannot be revoked by an HOA, as long as the flag is properly displayed and in good condition.

How can my youth organization participate in this fundraiser?

Go to our Organization Information page and send us a note. We are happy to spread this community service and fundraising opportunity to other youth organizations!

How long will the flags be out?

We work hard to get the flags up a day or two before the holiday and take them down a day or two after the holiday. For Patriot Day we usually leave them out for the week after Labor Day.

Also, to preserve our flags we cannot store them wet, so we may leave them out for an extra day or so for them to dry fully.

Do you ever skip a holiday?

We do our best to manage around weather, but our first concern is to the safety of our youth and their families. If it is too dangerous to deliver or pick up the flags there may be a delay or, on a rare occasion, we may have to skip the day.

We have a special occasion that would look great with these flags. Could we use them?

Honor with Flags has a military and scouting base and we would be glad to help if we can. Please contact us for special occasions (i.e military homecomings,  funerals, Eagle Court of Honor, etc.) and we may be able to work something out.

We subscribed while flags are out. Will our subscription include this holiday next year?

Yes, if you subscribe just before or while flags are out, we will adjust your subscription to include this holiday the next year. This way you will get all 7 holidays covered.

For now this adjustment will have to be made after the receipts are sent (this is automatic). We will follow up with a note when we make the update.