Many parents have full time jobs and active kids, means more than one after school activity! Parents’ time is at a premium and we don’t want to waste it!

Honor with Flags makes the parent fundraising role easy by:

  • Sell Once

    • With automatic renewal, you sell it once! Not every year going back to the same friends and family to ask them to buy more of the same stuff.

  • Easy to follow Routes

    • Routing binders with turn by turn directions, pinned maps, as well as simple address listings.

  • Mobile Routing App

    • Mobile Phone Routing Application that runs through the address list for each route, allowing the drivers to choose their preferred navigation app.

Memorial Day 2018 ADommert.jpg
Hey, just wanted to let you know I’m totally impressed with your organized flag operation. The app was so easy to use! It really was surprisingly easy and I felt like as far as volunteer activities go it was really great. An added bonus to it was that my son and I got a chance to chat in the car. The app was great for the driving directions. I would totally sign up to do it again.
— AS (8/29/18)