Our Mission

Helping organizations grow by allowing communities to show Honor, with Flags.

We want Honor with Flags to be the Flag Subscription partner for the 21st century. Youth programs and public service agencies are always in need of more money; and this need is timeless. Whether they are going on trips, buying new equipment or facilities, or expanding programs, they are always looking for ways to raise these funds. Honor with Flags gives these organizations a high value, low workload fund raising option that builds unity in their community.

Our values:

Patriotism | Family | Community | Value | Growth

All of our efforts go into demonstrating these values!

...we are declaring,
’We have a VISION that is amazing and exciting! We are INVITING you to invest yourself through the resources God has given you - your energy, your prayers, and your money - in this work which God has called us.’
— "A Spirituality of Fundraising," Henri J. M. Nouwen
Veterans Day 2017 - HRock.jpg

Building Character

"I had the privilege of accompanying my sons tonight as they placed flags in our neighbors yards in HONOR of Veterans Day. To watch both of them show so much care and respect for the flag as they made sure each flag didn’t touch the ground and was placed properly at each home was so awesome for me as a mom."

— Holly Rock, Cub Scout Volunteer & Mom