What's in a Logo? Introducing the new Honor with Flags logo!

Over the past 2 years we have been so excited to have friends that have stepped up in so many ways to help us. One of those, was a friend that designed our awesome logo. We love it and it represented all that means so much to us. I am truly amazed at how far we have come under this logo!


Well, now we are looking to grow and hopefully help folks outside of Texas. Also, our original logo has a lot of shading and colors in it. So to print on things we needed to simplify the design and colors to make it easier to print.

Today we are announcing our new and improved logo. It still represents all of the things we love about Honor with Flags and adds some real flexibility with printing. We are very excited about where Honor with Flags is going and are looking forward to seeing what the future holds.


Just a little of our thought process when working on this logo.

  • We wanted to drop the Texas Flag, since we deal in American Flags

  • We needed to simplify, so that we could do a single color on shirts or something.

  • Our graphic designer added the tag American Flag Services, which we love, as it helps describe us in a short statement.

  • The Star in the middle represents us being based in Texas, “The Lone Star State,” but also our great respect for all branches of the military.

  • The star is also a special tribute to Harrison Cressy Brown, Valerie’s grandfather, who received 2 Silver Stars during his time in the US Army.

After a week of back and forth looking at a variety of images, we settled on this and we are so happy!

As a small business owner I never know what the next challenge is! This one was interesting, frustrating, and very satisfying all at the same time!

Hope you like it…