#MyWhy… Find your passion and you will go further

Simon Sinek once gave a Ted Talk about “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and it lead to his book, Start with Why. Essentially it said that great leaders like Apple and MLK start with why they do things. Not with the How or What. They start with the inspiration that they have, their dream, their motivation, and then describe how and what they are using to fulfill that dream.

Similarly, we took our daughter to start at the University of Notre Dame and in one of the parent sessions the speaker talked about passion. They said they push the students to study their passion. If they find and study their passion, they will go deeper, learn more, and push themselves harder. Then the job or graduate school will be easier to come by because the students have gone further.

What are you passionate about? You are reading this because you are involved in some organization that might need fundraising. So, what makes you passionate about that organization?

Is it your job? Are you a school coach, choir director, or FFA sponsor? Why did you get involved in this type of job in the first place? When you were training for this job, what was your dream? State champions, concert in NYC, or HLSR Grand Champion?

Or is this your kids’ organization? Is it something you think is important for them? You want to make sure they can experience things? Or are you an involved volunteer and you want to share experiences with your kids?

For many it will be very concrete meanings and reasons. “It is good for our kids, so we are involved.” And “if we don’t fundraise, we can’t afford this, and our kids can’t be involved.” While it may not be a personal passion, it is a passion for many of us to make sure our kids get to enjoy these experiences.

Your why will be the most important to keep you motivated. This will keep you going through the good and bad times of the organization, much less through the stressful times of a fundraiser!

Keep an eye out for our #MyWhy series and see how I am passionate about Family, Unity, Time, Patriotism, Community, and more! We may even have some guest bloggers… For now, I will share honestly and I hope it helps you to take a movement and define your WHY. By knowing your why, your passion, you can focus on the things that are most important.

Your passion will rub off on other adults and the youth in the organization. Your passion leads to motivation and motivation leads to an excited and energetic group. An excited and energetic group almost never have a Fundraising Flop!!

Thanks for reading and let us know what your WHY is!