#IHateFundraising... Coordinators

Coordinators Hate Fundraising

Do you ever hear this from coordinators when a fundraiser is mentioned?

We start the process by passing out all the materials they send us and there is never enough!

Then we have to push all of our students to make sure they are selling! We were told we need everyone to sell 5 items for the bonus money, I hope we make it.

Then the orders start coming in. Most have not sold their 5 items and the parents are emailing about just sending a check.

James and Sally sold 50 items each! So we made our goal, but only because those 2 families sold everything.

I had a work party with 6 volunteers at the school to make copies of the 528 checks that came in and double check all the orders.

Submitted the order online! YEAH!

3 weeks later I had another work party with the same 6 volunteers (these folks were lifesavers!) to sort through the inventory. Some of this stuff is pretty cool, maybe I’ll buy that next time we sell.

We have to work fast because the perishable items will spoil.

Ok, everything is sorted and students can deliver their orders… where is James’ family? Vacation now?

Reorders? I don’t know, no I don’t  think so!

Ok Finally everything seems to be delivered and the mistakes cleared up, now I need to buy the Volunteer team a coffee!

Next year? Uh… no!

Does this sound familiar?

Let us know if we got it right or missed the mark!