#IHateFundraising... Customers

Customers Hate Fundraising

Do you ever hear this from customers (Friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, etc.) when a fundraiser is mentioned?

Another fundraiser by the Jones kids?

What are they selling now? I know their programs need the money, but we don’t need any more of this cheap stuff.

Hi Sally… for your school? Great, how can we help? Wow, yes I’m familiar the stuff, my co worker kids are selling the same thing and I have already seen the brochure. Weren’t you selling something last month? Oh that’s right it was your sister.

Ok and when will this come in? Oh ok, just let me know.

We are happy to help… maybe we can just donate next time?

Hi Joe, oh I guess this is what we ordered from Sally, I don’t even remember. Ok thanks and I hope they did ok… oh they didn’t make their goal? That’s too bad, maybe another one next month? Great!

(All names are fictional. If they resemble you or any actual character, I apologize…it’s because I’ve been there!)

Does this sound familiar?

Let us know if we got it right or missed the mark!