#IHateFundraising... Students

Students Hate Fundraising

Do you ever hear this from students when a fundraiser is mentioned?

Really? you are trying to convince me that this stuff is really that good? If it was so good, why do you have to sing songs and bring in the cheerleading team to convince me?

Ok I’ll show my parents… we need to sell 10 items by when?

Mom, here is my fundraiser… I don’t know where the other sheet is, this is all they gave me. OK! I’ll ask!

Do you think Grandma wants one? How about the neighbors? No you ask, I don’t know the neighbors!

“Hi grandma… yes for our school… thank you so much!”

Ok here is my order form. I don’t know why it doesn’t match up, my dad brought it to work and collected money. You can call him.

Ok here is the extra money! My grandma sent it to me in the mail!

Wait, I have to carry all that on the bus home?!? No Way!

MOM! Can you come get this stuff, the bag busted on the bus and stuff went everywhere. I don’t know who ordered that!

Here is your stuff, thanks for ordering. Oh, I’m not sure how to return something, I don’t think you can. Ok well thanks for supporting our school anyway.

Does this sound familiar?

Let us know if we got it right or missed the mark!