#IHateFundraising... Parents

Parents Hate Fundraising

Do you ever hear this from Parents when a fundraiser is mentioned?

So we have another fundraiser? We love our kids activities but all the fundraisers!! Every time we finish with one, another one is starting up.

We want our kids to be active, but there is only so many times we can ask their grand parents, our neighbors, and co-workers to buy some random thing from our kids.

Our whole neighborhood is full of candles, wrapping paper, magazines, cookie dough, tumblers, and kitchen gadgets. Every once in a while there is a unique fundraiser, but I don’t know how to sell a mattress or what the difference is in red, black, and brown mulch. And even if it’s a good deal, I feel bad asking.

We have asked all our usual folks so many times before, I get the feeling they are afraid to talk to us, because we will ask them to buy the latest fundraiser, and we didn’t buy from their kids.

We don’t want that, we like our friends and we don’t want them running from us!

But we can’t afford the Disney trip this year… would you like to buy some “really good cookie dough"?

Not today??? That’s ok, I’ll have another fundraiser next week for some candles, maybe you will like those!

Does this sound familiar?

Let us know if we got it right or missed the mark!