#IHateFundraising... Group Directors

Directors Hate Fundraising

Do you ever hear this from directors (Music, Athletic, dance, etc.) when a fundraiser is mentioned?

Wow, this year is going to cost. T-Shirts, uniforms, buses to the contests and if we want to schedule anything fun…

Just to do our usual stuff blows through the entire budget. If we want to do anything more, anything to grow the program, we  have to ask the families to pay.

The last 3 years we have had 6 events that the families paid for and we couldn’t even afford to pay for the chaperones. They had to pay their own way!

Ok so we need to earn some money this year… but how?

I saw some flyers in our mail… what are the other schools doing?

Hey Jim, what fundraiser did y’all do last year? Did you like it? Was it a success? …. Wow, that much time? But that’s good you made some money! Ok, yeah, have a good practice, thanks for the few minutes…

Wow that’s a lot of time to spend on a fundraiser, maybe I can get a parent to coordinate it?

Ok sure let’s just pick one. Sure that looks ok… Hand out the flyers.

I know it’s due next week. Where are the rest of the orders? We have to have more than this? One more week to order… still only that many? Ok, let’s send it in.

Really this much inventory, at least it’s sorted. No we can’t handle returns!

Thank goodness I had these volunteers. How do I thank them? I have to get them something. Good thing we made a little money, at least I can pay for them to attend the events and we can pay for 2 of the events for the students.

I guess next year we will do this again! – I can’t wait…

Does this sound familiar?

Let us know if we got it right or missed the mark!