#IHateFundraising Series

We are going to start a short series of why we think certain groups hate fundraising. We all have our reasons. Please let us know yours as we go through this. Respond with a comment, tweet, or something to let us know if we are totally off the mark… or hit the nail on the head.

We know there is a bad taste in everyone’s mouth when they are asked to raise some money!

Are you involved in fundraising? Do you have a role in a local group?

How many times are you asked by co-workers to buy cookie dough or candles?

Do you have multiple kids in multiple programs? Do you feel like you are selling something every week?

We will cover the stakeholders we have been, The Customers, The Directors, The Coordinators, The Parents, and The Students…. I am sure there are more folks impacted by fundraisers!

Let us know who else HATES FUNDRAISERS!