Relationships are Everything - BOOTS FOR TROOPS

Today we officially announce our partnership with Boots for Troops. (See their blog post HERE!)

BTW: This may be a longer post because I’m super excited about Boots for Troops!

Relationships are everything. When you meet someone new, you have to see what they are all about. What type of relationship will this be? I happen to give a talk last night to a group of High School youth at our church and it was about being accepted and not judged. About loving and not judging.

I believe it is when we accept others, is when we feel most accepted. When we give without regard for what we might get, we receive so much in return. Ask any teacher how much they have received from their students.

This partnership truly came out of that same feeling. Giving, from both sides. Neither of us were looking to take, or what’s in it for me, but completely from “how can we help you.”

B4T Logo.jpg

We were first introduced to Boots for Toops through an invitation to put up flags for at their Concert in the Country in October 2018. What a great time that was! (There’s another one coming up this year too!)

As the event came closer I started doing some research about the organization and the more I found out, the more Valerie and I fell for the whole idea. I will let them tell the story (on their website), but I got totally hooked when I saw that they were helping fly deployed military home for Christmas.

Who of us doesn’t tear up when we see the military homecoming videos? But not for me or any of us watching, I imagine how it is to have these men and women home from a deployment for Christmas. Even if it is only a few days, what a special time that is.

So as we started to get to know each other and we helped with a couple more events, I reached out to see if Honor with Flags could do help in some more ways. This opened the door to having discussions about how we could help each other.


We wanted to do more to give meaning behind our flags. We help raise money for schools, scouts, and other youth programs, but we wanted to do something to tie in the Freedom our Stars and Stripes stand for… Boots for Troops is exactly it.

While we are not Budweiser, they are doing the same thing, and we are so happy to support these types of partnerships… relationships!

Thank you for welcoming us Lindsey & Jimmy Rogers and all the Boots for Troops family! We look forward to bringing flags to more communities, packages to more of our military personnel, and more Holiday reunions for years to come!

Keep an eye out for more events where you can help Boots for Troops, enjoying some great music, golf, or even packing some boxes with them. And hopefully you will notice the Honor with Flags’ flags there too!

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