Apologies for our Rookie Mistake!

"Honesty and transparency make you vulnerable.
Be honest and transparent anyway."
Saint (Mother)Teresa of Calcutta

As a new company, we are doing our best to make Honor with Flags a successful company. If we are successful, the youth organizations we are working with will be successful, and our communities will thrive with patriotism.  

Being in our first year of business, each step we take is a new one down the path. Whether it was choosing the website to use, learning the accounting system, finding where to buy the curb tags, or scheduling deliveries of the flags, each has been a new and learning experience for us. Sometimes we take the wrong path... 

This weekend was Veteran’s Day (November 11)
and we made a rookie mistake.

The last 3 holidays we delivered flags for were between June and September of this year. The sun was up till after 7 for all of those and this weekend was our first holiday during Daylight Savings Time. Sunset last Friday was officially at 5:28pm. We have scheduled for our youth organizations to pick up their flags between 6-7 pm each time and have had no problem getting the flags out after they pick up their flags that night. Well we scheduled just like usual for pickup, and had not considered how dark it would be!

Most of our volunteers got their flags out on Friday night and our subscribers woke up to their flags flying in the morning sun! A couple of our volunteers could not finish in the evening, and had to finish putting out their flags on Saturday, Veteran’s Day.

To make matters worse, there are other organizations that deliver flags to our neighborhoods. They put out their flags, for Veteran’s Day, between 1 day to 1 week before November 11 and the US Government decided that they would observe Veteran's day on November 10. So we received plenty of notes about my neighbors have their flags, where are ours? And I do not blame anyone for asking, I would have done the same!

We have learned that we want to get the flags up earlier and want to have them flying in plenty of time for the holidays.

We are moving our time frame to deliver the flags 2-3 days before all holidays. We cannot control when the other organizations deliver flags, but we will continue to do our best to be transparent in our workings. With the help of our partner youth organizations and our subscribers (we love feedback, good or bad) we will continue to learn and grow.

A huge thank you to all of our subscribers and partners! 
Thank you for your patience with us
as we journey down this path.
We know, with your help, we will continue to improve!

Please feel free to contact us at any time with
questions or comments! (Again, we love feedback!)

God Bless America!