Do you have a PATRIOTIC event coming up?

  • Military SEND OFF OR Welcome Home ?

  • Patriotic Golf Tournament?

  • 4th of July Festival?

Any and all of these are wonderful events alone…
what a mood you set if the road into the event is lined with American Flags?

How will your guest feel when they see the Stars & Stripes all lined up as they enter?

Or as they wander your festival and they see “Old Glory” flying in every corner?

Bring the the colors of our flag to your event,
no matter how big or small!

Honor with Flags will bring quality American Flags to your event, set them up before the event, and pick them up after the event.

No worries on your part, just let us know the placement preferences and we do the rest!

Personal Event (10 Flags)

Having a get together at your house? A sending off or welcome home event? This is great to add a small touch of patriotism to the front of the venue.

Large Event (51-75 Flags)

Does your event have a long drive to get to the venue? Line the drive with flags to have your guests get into the patriotic mood even before they leave their cars.

Small Event (11-25 Flags)

Have a small event at a clubhouse or other special venue? Set the tone of Patriotism and Honor with flags lining the entry and all around the parking.

Medium Event (26-50 Flags)

Have an outdoor event with a patriotic theme? Let us take it to the next level with flags covering the entrances, walkways, and parking!


Larger events can be handled!

Just contact us for information!

Contact us with any questions and to hear about our Non-Profit Discounts!!

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