Honor with flags helps you offer your community an annual service, at an inexpensive price! Most home owners will pay for this service just for the benefit of the flag, and you give the opportunity to benefit your youth programs as well!

Your customers also need an easy way to get your American Flag Service!

Honor with Flags’ Online interface includes:

  • Accepting all Major Credit Cards, and covering all CC Fees!

    • How often do you see people paying with checks any more? Or even cash?

    • How much would it cost you to pay for Credit Card processing (at least 2.5%)? Taking that money away from your youth!

  • Automatic Address Verification

    • Hand written addresses are sometimes read wrong or even written wrong.

Labor Day 2017 BMason.jpg
  • Automatic Renewal (with eMail verification before annual renewal)

    • There is no action required for renewal. Action is only required if they need to cancel!

  • Automatic CC Updates (CCs expire more than you can imagine)

    • When a CC is coming up for expiration, customers get a note asking to update their card.

Today most people want to charge and forget a service!
Flags are no different!