All fundraisers have to have an Administrator. It could be a staff person or a volunteer coordinator. Either way, how much is their time worth? A staff person has a salary as a direct cost, but also has a full time job working with students! A volunteer is willing to give of their time to help the organization! This time that is used on fundraising, is not being spent on the youth or the program!

Honor with Flags uses modern technology to alleviate as much administrative work by automating it:

  • Credit Card Processing

    • No checks or cash for you to process (some organizations require 2-3 copies of forms for each check or cash payment)

  • Automatic Address Processing

    • No hand written forms with addresses to decipher

  • No Customer Service Calls

    • We handle the flag issues, so that you can focus on your program!

  • No Inventory to process

    • You are providing a service a couple of times a year! We do all the inventory management of the flags needed for your customers